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Industrial and Corporate Photography for business

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We create strong visual content to promote your business or organisation.
From small local traders to large international businesses. We tailor images and our services to fit your needs.
Marketing your business has become far easier and cheaper due to advances in technology. Anybody can publish to the web,
including your competitors, often times for free. So it comes down to the quality of your content that lifts you out from the clamour.
We work with you to create content for any of your marketing needs that sets you above your competitors.

UV examination 1In our latest blog post. Photography in the dark. UV examination booths are very dark places. Producing dynamic images to show what they are all about is important to our client's capabilities statement. And required some well thought out additional lighting. That would make the shot possible without loosing the reality of the process. Find out more about how we went about creating this shot in our Blog

Executive Portraits
Executive portraits. Your business portrait carries your reputation. Often times deputizing for you to those you most need to impress. Unlike family portraits, Wedding photos etc. The business portrait can have a direct effect on your business success and therefore livelihood. We take your business portraiture very seriously. Making sure you get images that truly work for you and your business. Can you really afford to put out second rate when it carries your reputation ? New NEWS ! We have now opened a new web site dedicated to our business portraiture called www.officeportraits.com

Location photography. From giant gravel pitts to scientific clean rooms. Our passion and our challenge is to discover and show what you and your business are all about. We bring a vast range of experience and ideas learnt along the way to add to the project and have it work efficiently and successfully.

Products big-small
Product photography. Whether your product is huge or tiny we have the facilities, equipment and techniques to show off your products economically, with quality and impact. We can arrange suitable studio facilities. Or shoot on location in conjunction with our computer imaging skill to bring you great final results.

Big or Small business
We’ve photographed some pretty big names. Through to very small, local one man band operations.
Everybody’s business is important to them. So they are important to us. If your keen to improve the image of your business or organisation. We are keen to help as much as we can. So look through our site and make contact to see how flexible we can be in what we can offer you.

• If you would like ideas and planning so any imagery we do really works for you.
• If shooting with over 30 years experience in corporate and industrial photography sounds reassuring.
• And if ongoing support with usage ideas and technical advice sounds like what your after


Effective Working Image is all about making you look good


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